How to Attach Feathers to Shoes

Feathers can work as great decorative elements for many items, but these work especially well for shoes. If you have a pair of plain pumps that you’d like to dress up, you can attach a cluster of feathers to the back of the shoes and give them an entirely different look. Sound like an interesting DIY project? Follow these simple steps to decorating your pumps with feathers.

Before you start the project, you’ll need to gather the materials you need: feathers, a piece of felt, small costume jewels, and a hot glue gun. You can use feathers in any color; just make sure that the feathers’ color complements the color of the shoes. It’s also best to use a piece of felt that matches the feathers’ color.

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The first thing to do is to sort the feathers you have at hand. You can use as many as 25 feathers for each shoe. Look through the package of feathers and choose the best-looking feathers. Also, make sure that your selection includes short, medium, and long feathers. Set your chosen feathers aside and cut out a triangle from the piece of felt; the triangle should have sides of unequal length, with the base being the longest side.

Start gluing the longer feather pieces to the triangle’s shortest side. Make sure that the feathers are bent at an outward angle before you attach them to the triangle. Follow the edges of the triangle to the left; by the time you reach a new side of the triangle, you should be using medium-length feathers. Use the shortest feathers as you approach the end of the triangle’s side. Repeat this gluing process and add a second layer of feathers to the first layer. This will give you a fuller-bodied cluster of feathers.

After you glue all the feathers onto the piece of felt, you’ll notice that a small piece of felt will be visible in the middle of the feather cluster. Here’s where the costume jewel come handy; glue a small costume jewel onto the cluster to conceal the piece of felt. Once the feather cluster is complete, you can glue it to the shoe, with the feathers pointing down towards the heel.


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A DIY Guide to Making Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Centerpieces made from ostrich feathers are becoming increasingly popular these days. Ostrich feather centerpieces tend to be eye-catching and these centerpieces are really capable of making a statement in terms of design. For these reasons, these centerpieces are for table arrangements in many weddings and parties today.

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These centerpieces can easily cost hundreds of dollars, but you don’t have to shell out big bucks to have these centerpieces on your table. You can easily make feather centerpieces on your own and save some money on party decorations. Here are the simple steps to making a centerpiece from ostrich feathers.

The first step, of course, is to gather all the materials you need. Aside from ostrich feathers, you’re going to need an Eiffel Tower vase, floral foam bouquet holders, and miniature lighting units. These materials can usually be bought from flower shops and online specialty shops for party supplies. An Eiffel Tower vase is a tall type of vase that’s usually over 20 inches in height. Despite this height, though, the vase doesn’t fall over easily because of its heavy bottom.

You’ll need at least 15 feathers for each centerpiece; the maximum number of feathers to use depends on how full you want the centerpieces to look. Ostrich feathers are most widely available in white, but these feathers come in a wide range of colors. Both the drabs and the plumes are useful for designing a feather centerpiece.

Once you have all materials in place, you can start placing the quills of the ostrich feathers into a floral foam bouquet holder. Make sure that the feathers are placed in a circle, with each feather at just the right distance from another; pack them in too tight and you might have trouble placing the bouquet holder into the thin body of the Eiffel Tower vase. Use thicker, larger feathers at the bottom of the holder and reserve the smaller, thinner feathers for the top.

Place the miniature lighting units at the bottom of the vase. If you’re looking for miniature lighting units, you can go for Floralytes. Floralytes are wireless lighting units that are self-powered and disposable as well. These miniature lights provide an ample glow without emitting too much heat. You can use as many as three Floralytes per centerpiece. Once the Floralytes are in place, you can slip the foam of the bouquet holder into the vase so that the feathers spill over the top of the vase. You can also opt to tie the Floralytes around the holder’s stem so that the lights hang down the interior of the vase.

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Feathers of Angels

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